Become a Coach



Fun - The number one reason children engage in sports is to have a good time. Making friends, acquiring skills, and learning to compete are pieces of athletics that children enjoy and add to the fun. We choose to put more emphasis on the fun aspect of competition than we do on the score or outcome of the game.

Good Sportsmanship - Developing good character is as, if not more, important than learning the rules of the game. Teamwork, fair play, and the other sportsmanship qualities developed through BBYFFL can be applied outside of football and carried through life.

Everyone is a Winner - Every child should have the opportunity to develop their abilities and should be encouraged by their coaches, teammates, and parents. While mastering new skills, and learning the game of football is our focus, this will be done in a way that does not undermine a child's self-esteem or team morale. A key way we make sure that everyone feels like a winner is through equal playing time.

Safety - Child safety is very important. With the proper equipment and following the "no contact" flag football rule, everyone will have a fun and safe season.

Parent/Coach Conduct
Any parent or coach that acts in an inappropriate manner will be given a verbal warning and their child's team will be penalized 15 yards (15 yards will count against that week's Fair Play Point). If the behavior is repeated at any point during the season they will be asked to leave the premises and not to return to the league. They will not receive a refund