Coaching Rules

Rules for Coaching

• We abide by the official NFL Regular Season Rule Enforcement which can be located via the link to the left. Please review carefully.
• All coaches, prior to the ball being snapped, are allowed on the field. However, only 1 coach is allowed to stay ON the field after the ball is snapped. All other coaches must remain on the sidelines during play.
• Officials can penalize teams 5 yards … if these rules are violated. If you disagree with the call, ask the official to clarify the rule.
• Yelling at the official will not be tolerated!!! You will receive a warning then an ejection.
• If your ejected, you will not coach again for BBYFFL.
• Don't forget that you are the kid's role model for sportsmanship.
• No more than 3 coaches per team.
• Remember that fun is the main focus.

Weekly Awards
We strive to teach the principles above through a weekly awards system. Each week the coaches will explain a different value and choose a player who exemplified that value the most.

Week 1: Listening
Week 2: Respect
Week 3: Hustle
Week 4: Positive Attitude
Week 5: Enthusiasm
Week 6: Being a Team Player
Week 7: Best Effort
Week 8: Good Sportsmanship