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About Us

Organization Overview:

BRIDGEPORT ORGANIZATION for YOUTH SPORTS (BOYS), INC. is a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization that was established in 2015. It is almost entirely volunteer-based, with 26 youth volunteers and 2 full time staff members.

BOYS Inc. is determined to ignite the intellectual qualities of young scholars by providing school-aged (K-12) girls and boys critical exposure to preparatory STEAM education and athletic resources. It centralizes on academics, athletics, and mentorship. These are vitalized through 4 enriching STEAMulating Young Minds Imagination (SYMI) Programs (SYMI After School, The SYMI Project, SYMI Summer Academy, and SYMI Mentoring and Leadership Academy), and a Sports Science Academy.

The multifaceted organization served 300+ youth on a year-round basis for the 2017- 2018 academic year. SYMI After School and The SYMI Project operate during the school year and served 106 and 58 youth respectively. During the Spring is when the Sports Science Academy occurs, which hosted 77 youth. Last but not least, is the SYMI Summer Academy, which consisted of 65 youth.

Organization Objectives:

* To strengthen numeracy and literacy academic skills as related to STEAM.
* To provide engaging STEAM learning experiences while demonstrating the relationship between STEAM and related professions
* To create a clear understanding of the relevance and application of discrete math and science skills in real-world application
* To empower scholars to take control of and be responsible for their academic and athletic success
* To engage scholars in a variety of sports activities to develop excellent skills, teamwork, and professional sportsmanship

The Composition of BOYS Inc.

The BOYS, Inc. STEAMulating Young Minds Imagination (SYMI) Project program(s) practice project-based learning so learning comes alive. Current scholars learn by building, creating, investigating, analyzing, designing, and engineering. Learning by doing provides a more valuable, hands-on reason to learn as well as the opportunity to apply the acquired skill and knowledge in meaningful ways.