Mentorship and Leadership Academy


SYMI Mentoring and Leadership Development Academy:

The SYMI Mentoring

and Leadership Development Academy offers underrepresented scholars ages 16-24 an opportunity to work with a caring mentor to improve their ability to develop, promote, provide and strengthen the scholar for middle-skill labor market demands and employment sustainability. Additionally, it provides leadership materials and lessons for the development of new skills that will help them make a difference in their communities. Scholars also attend workshops on oral presentation skills, technical writing, career counseling, and college admissions.

There are 3 elements of the mentoring and leadership program. They are as follows:

1. The Education and Work Readiness Skill Development Program serves to get scholars where they should be academically as well as equipping them with the work readiness skills they will need to acquire a job or career and succeed at it. The education development covers basic yet imperative content areas such as math, reading, and writing. Tutoring and mentoring is also offered with qualified professionals. These sessions strongly highlight proper research techniques, how to seek credible citations, the importance of completing high school or obtaining a GED, creating impactful personal essays for scholarship and college applications, and more.

Within the work readiness skill development portion of the program, scholars will undergo key training in computer applications such as Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

2. The Leadership and Professional Development Program focuses on building several skills such as: interpersonal, communication, cognitive, organization, time management, and presentation. It also serves to develop professional skills that are key to the scholars' process of becoming "professional." These include things like short and long term goal development, managing finances, and prioritization.

3. The Career Planning and Career Advising Program helps scholars develop and identify reasonable and reachable goals by analyzing their passions and natural gifts to aid in goal planning. The program then takes the process another step by teaching and discussing employment success, maintaining employment, entrepreneurial skills, and overall job market awareness. Career exploration and counseling through career and health fairs is also provided for better exposure.