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STEAM Academy Programs


The BOYS, Inc. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics Academy Program(s) will strongly support the mission of the Bridgeport Public Schools. BOYS, Inc. practices project-based learning where student learning comes alive and are "college-ready," as phrased in the Bridgeport Public Schools mission statement. Current participants in BOYS, Inc. programs learn by building, creating, investigating, analyzing, designing, and engineering. Learning by doing, provides a reason to learn and the opportunity to apply the acquired skill and knowledge in meaningful ways.The BOYS, Inc. STEAM Academy Program(s): After-School, STEAM Academy (LEGO, Jr.; LEGO League; NSBE, Jr.) and Summer Camp will succeed as a result of strategic planning, appropriate grouping, and thoughtful structure.

Program Objectives

• To strengthen academic skills; primarily numeracy and literacy as related to STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics).

• To provide engaging STEAM learning experiences and demonstrates the relationship between STEAM and related professions.

• To create a clear understanding of the relevance and application of discrete math and science skills in real-world application

• To empower students to take control of and be responsible for their academic success.

• To engage students in a greater variety of non-traditional sports activities, namely: Soccer, lacrosse, fencing, golf, tennis, volleyball, boxing, dance, flag football, cross-country, and track and field.